Topic: Samsung Electronics

Leading smartphone vendor

Samsung is the leading smartphone vendor worldwide. In 2019, Samsung’s market share of the global smartphone market was at around 22 percent with the Chinese company Huawei as its closest competitor. In 2019 alone, the South Korean company sold more than 290 million smartphones worldwide. The Galaxy family is Samsung’s most famous line of smartphone products, with the Galaxy S line being the most prominent. The Galaxy S series is Samsung’s high-end smartphone line and is therefore in direct competition with the Apple iPhone. It has become a consumer favorite over the years, rocking shipments in dozens of millions.

Strong table and smartwatch player

Samsung also holds a sizeable position in the tablet computer market with the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab, falling just behind the Apple iPad. In 2020, Samsung held the position of the , commanding around 18 percent of the marke share in the second quarter of 2020. Similar to the tablet market, the smartwatch market also sees Samsung as the strongest contender to Apple, albeit at a greater distance – Samsung has a share of around 14 percent compared to Apple’s over 50 percent.

Towering presence in display and semiconductor market

Apart from enjoying great success in the mobile market, Samsung also has a strong presence in the display, TV, and semiconductors industry. Samsung has been the world’s largest television manufacturer since 2008, when the company held a 20 percent share of the global LCD TV market, although their market share has slightly fallen to around 17 percent in the most recent figures. The South Korean giant is also one of the leading semiconductor vendors, having toppled the long-time market leader Intel in 2017 and 2018 to become the market number one. It dominates the global NAND Flash memory market with a share of over 30 percent.

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