samsung odin

Odin is a leading android rooting tool compatible with Samsung smartphones and tablets. Samsung galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note and other branded Samsung mobile devices supports Odin download. Samsung Odin facilitates custom ROM flashing along with rooting.Samsung Odin downloadallows installing custom ROMs, installing stock OTA and firmware on your android device.

Samsung Odin is frequently comes with upgrades and updates for customizing the device. Download Samsung Odin 3.10.6 to your android device. Odin 3.10.6 is the latest android Odin version that is available to download. Download Samsung Odin and securely from our site. 


Odin Download System Requirements

  • Installation of latest USB drivers for device on PC
  • Installation ADB and FASTBOOT tools 
  • USB cable of Samsung device
  • Download PIT and TAR files

Samsung Odin User Attention

  • It is better to keep a data backup of the device
  • Get the latest Odin download compatible with your Samsung device
  • Update the USB drivers
  • Rooting methods may be bit different depends on the device used

Complete Tutorial on Android Odin Rooting 

  • Download Samsung Odin.
  • Establish the connection between the PC and Samsung device.
  • Switch off the device for 30seconds and then turn on.
  • Run Odin software.
  • Click “Auto Reboot” and the “PIT”
  • Select the PIT file downloaded and tab “Start” to start rooting.
  • Your device may reboot several times during rooting.

Complete Video Tutorial on Odin Download and Android Root 

Video tutorial on Samsung Odin download supports how to download and root the android device. Download the latest Odin 3.10.6 for your Samsung device from our site directly.

Samsung Odin FAQ on Android Rooting

Q: Is Samsung Odin a free of charge?
A: Yes. Samsung Odin is completely free of charge.
Q: Is “.zip” extension is compatible with Odin rooting?
A: No. Only *.tar and *. Pit files support Odin.
Q: What is “PIT”?
A: A “PIT” is an alternative method for android file downloading.

Samsung Odin Troubleshooting on Android Root

  • If the device halts and stuck on Galaxy S logo screen then turn on DL mode and re-run Odin android root.
  • If “Failed” or “Odin is nonfunctional” messages appears while rooting, unplug device and re plug. Select DL mode and unplug the device again and plug it.  Odin application detects the device and click “Start” button leaving all default settings as it is.
  • If Odin android root tool stuck while rooting then download a various compatible Odin version and re-start rooting. Remember not to check the re partition, if done repeat the process from the beginning.

Samsung Odin Download Credits

Credits for Samsung Odin Android download and rooting tutorial goes to XDA developers.