Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition to come to Verizon, leaked on Samsung’s website

Galaxy Note 3 white

Galaxy Note 3 white

Galaxy Note 3 white

There are only a small amount of reasons you wouldn’t want to own a Galaxy Note 3. It’s an amazing device with amazing specs. However, the locked bootloader may be a deal breaker for many would-be consumers— but good news for those of you that previously used that as the reason holding you back from pulling the trigger…

Samsung’s own support website actually “leaked” the Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition for Verizon— if you use the site’s search box to  look up the Note’s model number, one of the results comes up as “Coming soon! Samsung galaxy Note 3 (Verizon) Developer Edition | SM-N900VMKEVZW.”

Pricing and release date isn’t given anywhere, but we guess that the price will be close to the retail price of the original Note 3, $699.

“Leaks” are not guaranteed to be true, but since it seems to be a mistake on Samsung’s part, this one is almost 100%. (Or, of course, a Samsung employee is just trolling us all, which would be very, very cruel.)

Via: Android Authority
Source: Samsung