Samsung 49″ Ultrawide 144Hz 1ms Curved LED Gaming Monitor (LC49HG90DMNXZA)

I got the message that the parcel had been delivered. Sat at work watching the minutes tick by patiently waiting to get home and unwrap my new toy. Rang the missus to check the parcel had no damage from the courier, “No damage… but It’s HUGE” she said. Even more excited now! Watched kettle never boils… Of course i drove at all the speed limits all the way home! got in the front door and pecked her on the cheek before pushing past in to the front room to see this towering object wrapped in black plastic. No way is this monitor that big! finally after taking a few pics of the box unwrapped I get the feeling that the excitement is worth it. opened the box(nearly the wrong way round)to be met with a very well thought out bit of packaging and planning. you just take out all the spare parts and actually build them and then attach that to the screen without removing it from the box. Genius. Ok, Its massive. As wide as my 55″ Tv!!! So I quickly attached up to the PC (with my new 2080 Ti installed just days before) and updated the hardware as there was a usb download for it to stop some of the earlier issues. WOW. Not having those bezels there makes the world of difference! quickly downloaded the most detailed 32:9 wallpapers I could find. Mind blown… Right then, lets get some gaming going on. driving games beautiful, a game with pyramids in, Beautiful. a certain world war 2 game, Beautiful. Immersion is something I’ve always managed to get from 2 or 3 monitors but this… this really is on a whole new level. Im drawn in like nothing i even could imagine just purely because of no bezels and the level of detail. Ok. So I showed it off to friends that came round and played a lot of hours of gaming and also browsing whilst watching films side by side on it. They loved it and were in awe. taking selfies with it and sending pics to their teccy mates to show them what they’re missing out on. Made me feel like a proud dad… I honestly can’t say it enough. IT IS JUST BEAUTIFUL! The colours are strong the QLED works so well, viewing angle is perfect as long as you don’t sit to close. There is a but… and it’s a big but! The best refresh rate I can get out of it with my top of the line Gsync card is 100hz!!! Really? Freesync 2 would have been lovely but I opted for a dearer card and had to pay the penalty for that by not getting the most out of it. What a waste of over ¬£1000 for my card! This monitor made me feel like I’d found a pound but lost a tenner… ūüôĀ

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.