iLid iPhone case will store your money, cards and even your key

If you’re the type that does not believe in wallets and would prefer carrying just your phone and cash around, you could be interested in taking a look at the iLid iPhone case which while protecting your iPhone, doubles up as a wallet as well. Ok fine, technically it’s not really a wallet but as the name might suggest, it opens a “secret” compartment on the back of your iPhone where you can store your money, some cards and even your house/office key.


This is by no means the first “wallet” made for the iPhone, although its creators have boasted that it is “the world’s thinnest” by measuring in at a mere 17mm thick. While we’re not sure how smart it is to put all your eggs into one basket, we guess there are times when carrying your wallet and keys with you may not be convenient, such as when jogging or while at the gym. For those interested, the iLid began as a Kickstarter project but has since exceeded and doubled its funding and is expected to start shipping next month, with each unit retailing at $39.95. [Kickstarter page]

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