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Intelligent Adaptive Brightness for Your Mac’s External Monitors

Author murdaFSMPosted on September 2, 2020Categories APP, FOSSTags free and open source, free and opensource, lunar, mac external monitors, mac open source, mac opensource August 22, 2020

A general purpose mouse inteface for your Linux TTY virtual console

Author murdaFSMPosted on August 22, 2020Categories FOSS, HOWTO, LINUXTags General Purpose Mouse Cursor for Your Linux TTY Virtual Console, gpm, gpm tty, tty mouse August 17, 2020

Stop clicking on links without examing the URL first….

Author murdaFSMPosted on August 17, 2020Categories HOWTO, LINUX, PRIVACY, SECURITYTags dark patterns, how to preview bit.ly url, how to preview short links, how to preview short URL, Preview Short Links Before You Click Them August 10, 2020

A more practical way to follow Reddit subs and subscribe to newsletters

Author murdaFSMPosted on August 10, 2020Categories FOSS, HOWTO, PRIVACYTags declutter email inbox, declutter inbox, follow reddit subs without an account, kill the newsletter, liferea, liferea rss, netnewswire, netnewswire rss, newsboat, newsflash, newsflash linux, newsflash linux rss, newsflash rss, reddit rss, RSS, rss reader, subscribe to newsletter without an email August 9, 2020

A free and open source Linux application firewall

Author murdaFSMPosted on August 9, 2020Categories APP, FOSS, LINUX, PRIVACY, SECURITYTags application firewall linux, firewall for linux, FOSS, free and open source, free and opensource, linux firewall, little snitch for linux, littlesnitch for linux, open source, OpenSnitch, OpenSnitch linux firewall, OpenSource August 3, 2020

how to install macOS Big Sur on Linux

Author murdaFSMPosted on August 3, 2020Categories HOWTO, LINUXTags linux, macos big sur, macos big sur kvm, macos big sur linux, macos big sur opencore, macos big sur qemu, macos big sur qemu kvm, macos linux, macos opencore, opencore, opencore bootloader, opencore macos July 29, 2020

a fully functional Mac OS 8 that can run on your Mac, Linux and Windows machines

Author murdaFSMPosted on July 29, 2020Categories APP, FOSS, LINUXTags Alley 19 Bowling, Apple Web Page Construction Kit, Civilization II, Damage Incorporated, duke nukem 3d, Dungeons & Dragons, electron, Illustrator 5.5, Mac OS 8, Macintosh Quadra, Namely, Oregon Trail, Photoshop 3, Premiere 4, StuffIt Expander July 29, 2020 Author murdaFSMPosted on July 29, 2020Categories HOWTO, PRIVACYTags completely disable siri macos, disable siri, disable siri ios, disable siri ipad, disable siri iphone, disable siri macos July 29, 2020

SpaceX’s space suits are designed for optimum functionality with the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Author murdaFSMPosted on July 29, 2020Categories VIDEOTags Bob Behnken, crew dragon, Doug Hurley, falcon9, international space station, ISS, NASA, OpenSource, spacex July 20, 2020

See what’s inside a .pkg installers

Author murdaFSMPosted on July 20, 2020Categories HOWTO, SECURITYTags how to Open .pkg Files to Investigate What Will Be Installed on Your Mac, open .pkg files, open .pkg files mac, open .pkg files macos, Open .pkg Files to Investigate What Will Be Installed on Your Mac, open .pkg installer, open .pkg installer mac, open .pkg installer macos