Best Buy Offering Deals On iPhone 5, MacBook Pro And Surface Pro ‘Til Sunday [Deals]

We’re probably about a month and a half away from the debut of the next iPhone, which means it’s about the time when we historically see deals on the latest model hitting the big boxes as they look to clear inventory. And right on cue, here comes Best Buy, with an aggressive offer on the iPhone. But there are bigger discounts than just that, including some sweet deals on select MacBook Pros.

Starting today, Best Buy will be offering double the trade-in value on mobile devices brought in by people looking to buy a new smartphone from one of the three major carriers. It can’t have cracks and has to be functional, but if it works, you’ll get double the value on your next phone.

The iPhone deal is pretty sweet too, as long as you’re looking for a Sprint model. If you’re in the market for a 32GB iPhone 5 on Sprint, though, you can get $100 off. That’s a pretty good deal, especially since it’s not clear what the fate of the iPhone 5 will actually be once the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S hits the market. If the iPhone 5 is phased out entirely, instead of becoming a budget phone beneath the new model as it has done historically, this could be your last chance to get a metal-and-glass unibody iPhone 5 at a budget price.

There are other deals afoot, too. You can get a Microsoft Surface Pro for $100 off as well as $200 off select MacBook Pros, and another $100 for educational studios.

All the deals expire Sunday, so rush on down and force those yabbos to take your money, already!

Source: CNET