AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note LTE hacked to run on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network

T-Mobile Galaxy NoteIf you want to use your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note LTE on  T-Mobile’s network, you’re in luck. The folks over at XDA-developers have managed to come up with a way to do so – and you even get to connect to T-Mobile’s “4G” network! All you need to do is perform a carrier unlock, a root, and flash a T-Mobile radio – and you’re good to go. Now before you start thinking about – how come we can’t do this with all AT&T phones?


Before you start thinking – why can’t all AT&T phones be unlocked and used on T-Mobile in the same way, it’s because the Galaxy Note has the necessary HSPA+ access built-in, just that it is configured to different bands hence the need to hack the phone before it can work.

If you’re interested in turning your AT&T Galaxy Note into a T-Mobile HSPA+ compatible device, the instructions are available on XDA-developers. As usual, remember to back up your device and make sure you know what you’re doing before attempting anything. You never know what could go wrong.

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